Surrey Search & Rescue (Surrey SAR)

7th April 2022
Surrey Search & Rescue (Surrey SAR)

We recently held an event here at St George’s College in our new Activity Centre with Surrey Search and Rescue (Surrey SAR), Saturday 26 March 2022, 1.30pm - 6.30pm.

The event was the first of its kind with around 35 guests including Surrey Councillors, Mayors, Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner & her Deputy. It was an opportunity to show their equipment and vehicles and explain more about the work of Surrey Search and Rescue. After two years of not being able to go out and about in the community (other than on callouts), this was a start of re-building community support and relationships.

The team really appreciated being able to use the College site in particular the Activity Centre and area outside it. Their guests enjoyed the event and surroundings. All in all, they were very pleased with the day and the contacts made.

Please look on their website for more information:

10 years, 1,000 callouts, 11,000 volunteers days, 77,000 volunteer hours.

Surrey Search & Rescue (Surrey SAR)
We receive no funding from the government, the emergency services or the council. We are a charity that relies wholly on donations to purchase and maintain vital lifesaving equipment and to continue to provide the best training for our team.
There are many ways you can help by donating your time to help us raise funds, making a donation or joining the operational side of the team.

Specialist Training, Saving Lives
Surrey Search & Rescue is a voluntary specialist search team which assists the emergency services find missing vulnerable adults and children. We are on-call 24 hours a day, with a team of 80+ people and search dogs, to respond across Surrey and surrounding areas.

Any Terrain, Any Weather
We are trained to find and give first aid to lost, missing or vulnerable people and evacuate them to safety. We operate in woodland, farmland, urban environments and around water when the emergency services need our specialist skills.

Professional Response, 24-7
Over 2100 people go missing in Surrey every year. Even if a callout comes in during the middle of the night, we aim to respond as quickly as possible and minimise the time a person is at risk.

Local Unit, National Team
We are an official member of the UK’s Lowland Rescue provision, with the same role as Mountain Rescue, Coastguard Rescue and the RNLI amongst others. We work closely with our neighbouring SAR teams and national associations to save lives.

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